Our vision boards will help you tailor your designs to your client’s aesthetic.

The Victorian Collection

Timelessly classic, our Victorian Collection pulls inspiration from neutral tones paired with soft pink accents and gold decor.

The Havana Nights Collection

Inspired by open cane weaving, the gently curved silhouette of this collection play part to this mid-century modern design.

La Vie En Rose Collection

Soft and romantic, our La Vie En Rose collection draws inspiration from modern Parisian style with an array of pink tones, pops of creams and whites, and gold accents.

The Gatsby Collection

Flappers, film, and champagne. This Collection is inspired by the roaring 20’s and features bold geometric patterns, symmetrical designs, rich colors, and gold accents.

Coastal Luxury Collection

This clean and crisp collection features deep blues, bright whites and gold accents. Choose Coastal Luxury for your perfect coastal event.

Apres-Ski Collection

This cozy Apres-Ski collection takes you up into the mountains with its rustic home accents and luxury decor.